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No. Church-as-bride doctrine is one of the principle modern idolatries. Those who believe they are the bride of Christ defile themselves and forfeit their new birthright as surely as Esau forfeited his. The church is warned, in Hebrews 12:14-17, not to follow Esau’s example. There is time to repent and turn from this idol, but when the last trump sounds time will be up. Just as with Esau, there will be no place for repentance, no matter how bitter the weeping and pleading. The door will be shut forever because those who declare themselves to be the bride of Christ are separating themselves from Him. Jesus does not know them because He only knows His body and they are not part of it. Only the body of Christ will be glorified and raptured. Our authority to use the Name of Jesus, our position as the Father’s sons (not His daughters-in-law to be), comes to us because of our position in Christ as His body. We cannot be both the body and the bride; Jesus is not going to marry himself. He is the bridegroom and, as His body, we are part of the bridegroom who will marry the bride, the city of New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2,9-10).

Book #150, The Church Is Not The Bride, is recommended.

Yes. While it is true that anyone filled with the Holy Spirit cannot be possessed, it is also true that one can be oppressed by the attachment of demons, curses and assignments which do just as much harm. Possession and oppression are different in form but the same in effect. Frequently, deliverance is required before healing can take place and other blessings received.

CD set #165, Getting Delivered and Staying Delivered, is recommended.

Yes. Jesus paid for the healing of born-again believers 2,000 years ago when He bore the stripes on His way to the cross. When you pray for healing you receive, by an act of your faith, the healing He has already accomplished, but you must be sure that your doctrine lines up with the Word of God. The manifestation of healing can come in three ways:

1. You are delivered from all symptoms of sickness instantly, at the moment of prayer; or,
2. The healing you received by faith comes gradually, over a period of time; or,
3. God heals you through the medical profession if that is where your faith is.

The critical ingredient in receiving your healing is that you do whatever puts you in the place of maximum faith, the place where you have peace about what you are doing. Faith is how you receive every blessing and promise of God, which includes healing in your physical body, and you cannot stand in faith without peace regarding your decisions.

CD set #146, Our Covenant Of Healing, is recommended.

No. God ended His covenant with the Jews when Jesus was born. Jesus said that He put the old covenant to death in His flesh and nailed it to the cross, stating that the only way unto the Father was through Him. Therefore, a Jew must be born again just like a Gentile. Once a Jew has been born again he is no longer a Jew but has become a Christian. Galatians 3:28 says that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, but we all are one.

CD set #163, The Curse of the Law, is recommended.

Yes. Hebrews 7 establishes that Jesus is our high priest after the order of Melchizedek and He receives our tithes through churches and ministries that qualify as God’s storehouse, churches and ministries where all the truth and all the power reside. God wants to rebuke the devourer, open the windows of heaven, and pour out such blessing that we do not have room for it, but it depends upon our sowing our whole tithe into good ground. Not only does our financial prosperity depend upon the tithe, but also our prosperity in health, family, and peace of mind. It is the bedrock of our relationship with God, it is the demonstration of our obedience. Tithe means 10%, not 11% and not 9%. Less than 10% means that the whole tithe has not been brought into the storehouse and anything beyond 10% is an offering.

CD set #145, Our Financial Covenant, is recommended.


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